Eden days skincare routine cleanse, replenish and moisturise

About the brand:

Eden days body is a skincare brand that started in roughly 2016 by a mother and daughter duo to create more natural skincare products. Eden days is also 100% natural with no synthetic agents, parabens, silicones, sulphates, petrochemicals, glycols, phthalates, synthetic colours or perfumes. They also do not use palm oil in there formulations.NO animal derived ingredients & NO animal testing. vegan, sustainable, eco-friendly and hand made.

if you want to find out more about Eden days click here for the link to there website.

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Cleansing facial soap:

The packaging of this facial soap is very natural and simplistic with everything you need to know on the back. In this facial soap there is active charcoal and essential oils, with a very monochrome appearance and a bar of soap it self has a embossed label for Eden days which is great if you’re using this and a different soap to be able to tell the difference between them.

Right now onto the product at Southwall using this in lathered up very well and was easy to apply onto the skin. I love that is 100% natural and it was easy to use it I didn’t feel overdrying but it did dry my face a little bit but not to the point where I felt tight. Are use this once every two or three days as this may be a little bit too much for my skin at the moment but as it’s coming into summer my face will get more oily then I can use this more. I would recommend this product and I would rate this 8/10.

Facial serum:

I love the appearance of this facial serum its monochrome and also has a funky pattern on the cover. but the facial serum feels more like a facial oil as it has a yellow gold appearance with a facial oil texture. I tried this for a few weeks and it was light on the face and I would recommend this. This felt nice on the skin and sunk in within ten minutes of applying to the face, this also has no scent to the product which I would rather no scent then a scent as it mans there is no added fragrance. I love that this is a smaller bottle which is great for travel as a go to and I really do like this. it was great to try out my skin didn’t react at all.

I would recommend this facial serum as it is very nice but it does have a consistency of an oil to watch out for that but I would rate 9/10.

Facial moisturiser:

This facial moisturiser is so cute and lovely, it small enough to go traveling with and the packaging is super unique and vibrant with cute patterns on which gives such a character to the product. while using this product I realised it has more of a balm consistency which was different to myself as I do like thick creams as a moisturiser as I have dry skin on my cheeks but I never thought of using a balm on my face as I have on my knees and elbows before but not my face so this was different. I still love the moisturisers but I don’t mind this balm. this is nice you have to rub your finger on the balm to pick up the product to place on your face. but It was nice during the day but at night time this just wasn’t enough for my skin as I needed more hydration and moisture but if you have normal skin this would be ideal for a maintenance balm.

I would recommend for during the day or even in this hot weather to avoid clogging the pores on the face but I personally prefer creams. I would rate this facial balm 6.5/10as it still was a really good product but not for my skin personally.

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