Lavera Hydro effect cleansing balm with anti-pollution complex

Lavera is a natural skincare and make up brand that brings a power duo of innovation and sustainability. Lavera comes from the Latin name meaning ‘the truth’ a lovely representation of the brand. they are also certified 100% all natural ingredient and cruelty free, while all the products are made for those with sensitive skin and all skin types. Lavera has been developing natural skincare for 30 years and started in Germany by Thomas Haase who’s suffered from neurodermatitis since he was 2.

The packaging on this facial cleansing balm is stunning and looks very simple but also professional which is great combination. I personally love the aqua blue and silver on the packaging. But the texture of this cleansing balm took me by surprise as when it says balm I think thick texture and maybe in a pot but this is more like a cleansing cream-gel consistency.

I started using this a month or so ago and its worked good as a cleanser although I Haven’t quite decided if this is a first or second cleanse balm at he moment. This feels lovely on the face and is easy to apply and doesn’t lather much which is good for people who don’t like that. I also like that this has a pollution complex as some defence against pollution in the 21st century is key in skincare. Anti-pollution is great to have as it can protect you from environmental elements and damage smoke, toxins and bacteria that could be in the air that can be damaging to the skin.

I would recommend this, it isn’t essential in the routine if you already have a good cleanser but if you are experimenting with cleansers I would recommend to try this out if you like cleansers that don’t lather. I personally would rate this cleansing balm 8/10.


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