Twist and spritz travel perfume travel essential

Twist and spritz is a travel perfume reusable bottle range that comes in all different colours and patterns, they usually range between £10 and £12 in the UK. The twist and spritz spray bottle is an 8mls bottle which holds up to 100 sprays. And is marketed as stylish twisting atomiser, strong and durable, easy to fill with no spillage.

I got this metallic purple travel bottle and I currently have the ‘unicorn tears’ spray by misguided In it at the moment from having it in my purse. This I think personally is so helpful and useful in day to day uses but I do think for this price it is a little expensive for this especially when I brought one offline for less the a 5th of the price, but that being said this is a great brand to support and comes quickly if you need it.

I love this colour and how easy this is to use and I have brought another since for my mum as she loves perfumes and this is easy to use on the go. I would recommend if you travel a lot, I would rate this 7/10.


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