Get your lashes and nails summer ready with kiss and impress

About the brand:

Kiss is the worlds biggest manufacturer and distributor of high quality nail products. This brand started with high quality nails and as there products soared they expanded there products and there reach of where they are sold. Kiss also sells eyelashes, hair colouring, tools and care, while they now have a vast range of cosmetics such as lipsticks, blushes, pallets, lip balms, make up sponges, even brushes and eyeshadows.

imPRESS press-on nails was the 2012 launch of Press-on Manicures. And these were so successful that the following years 2013 new designs was released, 2014 was glitter manicure sets, 2015 was accent nails, 2016 oval and Matt impress manicure nails was released and they continue to broaden there press-on manicure sets. The press on nails have a dual layered adhesive to stick to the nails but also act as if they where your actual nails so there is no damage easily applied and simple to remove.

Impress nails:

These press on nails look really professional and are very easy to put on I have tried lots of different ones of these and they last any where from 4-14 days on myself and my mum as we do a lot of things such as washing up and rent very light handed when using them so they don’t last as long as they would with some one who doesn’t do this and is light handed.

These look very nice and cute especially for the summer season, this gives me ‘this woman has her life together’ vibes, you can look like this even when your life isn’t which I agree with. I would recommend these if you like painting your nails but cant be bothered. I would rate 8/10.


These are very dramatic eyelashes but also have a split tip technology which makes the eye lashes seem fuller, fluffy ands more natural as it gives a 3D effect to the eyelashes which makes them stand out more then other eyelashes. These are very deep dark eyelashes which scream drama. I personally don’t wear make up or even eyelashes but my friend loves them especially big ones like these she says they compliment your face and accent your eyes more.

I personal would rate these 7/10 as you cant wear them everyday but they look fun to try on.

Lash glue:

This is a jet black eye lash glue which is great to hide into the black of your eyelashes when you are applying this to your eyelashes, its small and compact so it is easy to travel with which is great and it is also a brush tip which makes it easier to use and apply to the lashes. This is advertised with a super strong hold but gentle on the eye lashes and this did hold the eyelashes on the eyes very well without irritating them. This is also very drug store priced which is good as it means that you can purchase it without feeling guilty about spending a lot of money.

I would recommend this if you use eye lashes , I personally don’t and I would rate this 7/10.

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