UXB brightening facial mask with vitamin C and turmeric

This brand was started in 2016 and sourced for the highest quality ingredients. The owner of this brand go her idea for UXB when she was away in Turkey with all the natural soaps that helped her clean her sensitive dry skin. It’s believed that cleansing is the most important step and with these ingredients it’s made possible. UXB skincare is a oil based company that is free from synthetic fragrances,mostly vegan, cruelty free, free from SLS, Organic and naturally sourced ingredients.

I loved this facial mask as it is soooo good as it is a lovely thick facial mask it is a green like colour and is pretty thick. I say loved in past tense as I have almost finished this facial mask as I really enjoyed this for in the bath or when my skin need a little glow which is also essential for this summer. especially as I truly trust this brand and anyone who has followed me know I love UXB as a brand.

I like how this is a thicker mask and dries down a little bit but not fully, this made my skin feel clearer and lightly brighter naturally. After using this over a month this facial mask did last a long time I would day 8-10 uses covering the whole face which is always good when they are a good priced brand and not too expensive.

I would recommend this facial mask if you like having a little glow on your skin with a light glow from a thick green mask with turmeric. I would rate this 8/10. you will see this in my empties soon.

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