Nakin facial oil

About the brand:

Nakin is a fully dedicated cruelty free brand, that is a British brand dedicated to natural beauty and skincare. Nakin utilise plants to promote and heal the skin, this skincare range is free from parabens, SLS, petrochemicals, artificial fragrance and colours. Founded by Cris Beetham who wanted to bring a new dimension to cosmetic for the skins longevity. Nakin supports best of natural and ethical living, nominated for best new beauty British skincare brand by pure beauty awards.

Appearance and texture:

The facial oil is a golden yellow facial oil which is a usual colour for a facial oil but this is no ordinary facial oil as it has a simplistic appearance and blends into a collection and minimalistic skincare routines.

Application and results:

When applying this I realised and almost instantly fell in love I put this on my skin and it absorbed in and felt soft but also DIDNT FEEL GREASY! omg this was such a life saver for me I have been wanting to find a facial oil that didn’t leave me looking like a disco ball in summer and I found it.

Are use this facial oil for 1 to 2 months as facial oils take a bit longer to use and see results for after using this product for two months I came to the conclusion that it helped plump and hydrate my skin especially on my forehead and cheeks. This was easy to put on underneath make up was great to have on underneath the facial mask and Generally just great to have one after a workout or if your skin is feeling a little bit temperamental this is great for soothing the skin.

Recommendation and rating:

I loved this facial oil ass it looks appealing fits in well with you routine and is a lovely basic but great product to have in your routine. it gives a lovely hydration and glow to the face without making your face look greasy. I would rate this facial oil 10/10.

If you want to check out there website the link is HERE .

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    1. Thank you so much. If there’s anything you would like me to improve on such as mentioning ingredients I can I’m always looking to improve

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