Bedtime bliss sleep mask

About the brand:

Bedtime bliss is a eye mask brand that sells eye masks in a variety of colours and can be found on amazon. They have a unique contoured eye mask that helps to ease you to sleep quicker, while also having a money back guarantee. The masks are known to black out all light sources and being non-irritating to the eyes as the mask isn’t un-comfy and doesn’t touch the eye area. 

What’s special about them:

This facial sleeping mask is contoured to not touch the eyes, instead is foam padded texture surrounds circling from the top of the cheeks to the eyebrows. This new innovative design helps protect you from darkness and doesn’t interfere with rem sleep at all. With a lovely thick elastic strap with Velcro to adjust with.


This face mask is a pitch black facial mask with the logo on the left lower eye area. The thick elastic support helps to hug the head as you sleep, hope the contoured face mask hugs the cheeks and brows. The Velcro is great for adjustments to the eye mask as you sleep depending on you head size. You can get this eye mask in a variation of colours and you can buy this off amazon.

Application and how I slept:

I used this every night for a couple of weeks and this helped so much with my sleep. I am a very light sleeper, when I put this on I wasn’t expecting it to be so comfy to the face and it doesn’t touch the eyes at all, which is perfect. I used this and it’s amazing it helped deepen my sleep and drown out extra excess light, this eye mask let’s no light in at all. This eye mask also comes with a set of plushy ear plugs and a travel bag for the eye mask. I felt more refreshed in the morning as I didn’t have an interrupted sleep it’s was so good especially if you mix it with a weekend as you can have a lovely sleep you don’t have to wake up to an alarm too.

Reccomendation and rating:

I would reccomend this eye mask as I have never used one like this before and it’s amazing and innovative. I would rate this 10/10.

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