Nakin advanced cleansing milk to the rescue

Nakin is a fully dedicated cruelty free brand, that is a British brand dedicated to natural beauty and skincare. Nakin utilise plants to promote and heal the skin, this skincare range is free from parabens, SLS, petrochemicals, artificial fragrance and colours. Founded by Cris Beetham who wanted to bring a new dimension to cosmetic for the skins longevity. Nakin supports best of natural and ethical living, nominated for best new beauty British skincare brand by pure beauty awards.

I love the simplistic and monochrome appearance of this skincare line as it fits in with any bathroom and looks very professional and high class. The ingredients are very good quality and they feel luxurious on the face without having the huge price tag this facial cleanser is £15 which is in the middle range for skincare and it is totally worth the money as this is such a gentle and moisturising facial cleanser which i use in the morning or when my skin is freaking out and being really sensitive as this always calms my face down.

After using this cleanser for a month or so I saw my face wasn’t getting so dry and was getting more of a soft feeling to my skin. This cleanser has changed my morning routine, I was contemplating stopping cleansing in the morning as it was too drying and abrasive on my skin first thing especially just to take off skincare products that more or less already soaked into the skin.

This cleanser saved it as its super gentle and not abrasive at all, my sensitive skin is saved. I love the creamy but slightly thick consistency which is nice as it feels more hydrating then other cleansers and doesn’t have the alcohol scent.

I would recommend this cleanser for people with sensitive skin and with dry skin as this product works really well and I’m now addicted I don’t know what I will do when I run out of this cleanser. I would rate this 10/10 I love this sooooo super much. if you haven’t tried this I would urge you to try it out.

If you want to purchase anything from there website the link is here .

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