Avon challenge and k-beauty facial mask

Avon is a well known large beauty brand that primarily sells skincare and beauty products but also dip into healthcare, fashion, jewellery and perfume.

Avon was started in 1886 in new York, United states and has now become widely used across the world, while also helping out women and beauty enthusiasts across the glob earn from home or earn on the side.

Enclosed in the free challenge kits:

  • 2 Avon brochures and flyers to show family and friends
  • two smooth eye cream samples (but can be any samples)
  • a free full size product to try
  • some order forms for friends to place orders
  • a business card to apply and join when ready

Any orders received as a representative placed through your link will earn you 20% which can develop into 25%.

I was so pumped for this K-beauty range from Avon as a lot of brands now are selling k-beauty, I really liked to try the golden mushroom sleeping mask and the panda under eye masks as they look and sound amazing, but I also love this glass skin facial mask.

The sugar maple sheet mask  to me felt amazing  on the skin with a jelly texture so it was cooling and depuffing for the skin. It didn’t feel sticky which is what I thought it would be for a maple mask. The packaging is beautiful and a great take on k beauty, I did love this mask and would rate 7/10 but if it’s out of your price range, as it is a bit expensive for a one use mask, I would reccomend buying on sale or purchasing a different face mask as k beauty masks from China are cheap.

These instant eye smoother look delightful, I had 2 sachets  I had to tried they have a great consistency but due to them being samples I couldn’t get a long enough use from them to see full results.

My final thoughts, personally at this stage in my life with full time university, Saturday job, volenteering and a blog I couldn’t fit being an Avon rep into my routine without it affecting another area of my life but I will consider in a few year and leave the door half open as they say.

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