Hempz exotic green tea and Asian pear body mask getting your body summer ready…

Hempz is a brand that is paraben -free, gluten free, THC free and vegan brand that is against animal cruelty. They sell products from moisturisers, body wash, lip balm and shower gels. All of there products contain 100% natural hemps seed oil which is rich in vitamins E, C, B1, B2, B3 And B6 which is ideal for maintaining healthy skin and hair. Hempz use the hemp seed in there product as one of the main ingredients as it is nourishing and a carrier oil for other ingredients.

I was so happy to find out that that i got to try this as i had heard so many good things a friend of mine owns the same loves it but also uses it as decor in there bathroom. Personally, i love the natural tones and vibes of the packaging and the colour of the product inside. The body mask is a lovely thick mud mask which i liked on my arms and legs as a mask but didn’t use on my chest or back as i have dry skin there, but i do like this as a cleansing mud to wash my body with. 

After, using the cleansing mud on my body my skin felt clean and smelt really fresh, but i wouldn’t recommend for people who have dry or sensitive skin as this does strip your skin of moisture and may crack the skin if you ave sensitive skin. but if you have oily combination or normal skin you will get on great with this cleansing mud.

Once trying out the cleansing mud for over a month my skin felt smoother and more radiant and i believe this is an essential for summer ready skin. i would reccomend this product and i would rate this 7/10.

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