Pure Savvy close to play overnight radiance serum

About the brand:

This is the new brand that is based in the UK and has six products, I have five products here to review. They are all natural products that are cruelty free are many derived from very natural ingredients such as the snow mushroom fruit acid’s and antioxidants. This brand is targeted for women who are on the go who needs simple easy skincare.

Appearance and texture:

The packaging of this product is amazing with a lovely ongoing orange theme throughout all the products. Lovely sleek packaging which is classic.

The texture of the product it self looks very milky as it is a nice cream coloured product that has a milky texture to it, The lovely thin consistency is easy to layer up and great to apply to the skin for a nice glow of the day after.

Application and results:

This facial serum applied amazingly with a smooth coverage and sank quickly into the skin. After using this Serum for a few months I’ve grown to love this product as I see the difference in the morning and overall dark spots are reduced and I look more radiant, as all skincare products it does take a few weeks to see results but the results do keep getting better.

Reccomendation and rating:

I would recommend this overnight serum as its price point is good, Great ingredients and overall is a good product. I would rate 9/10.

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