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Wheeshtmask newly released balancing face mask and detox body scrub

About the brand:

Wheesht is a skincare company with a difference, in addition to natural, vegan and cruelty-free products they are firm believers in social responsibility.

There aim for Wheesht is to give  customers ethical skincare products they can use with a clear conscience. They also encourage digital detox: turn off, shut down, & log out. Face masks are supplied in glass jars for easy re-use or recycling.

balancing facial mask:

This facial mask came in a small 10g sachet as it’s a powder formula facial mask. I adore powdered facial masks they need more effort as you will have to make it yourself but I loved the thought of being able to personalise the facial mask to my skin type.

The facial mask as it’s a lovely pastel pink colouration to the powder but also has a lot of natural ingredients. On the instructions it states to mix with water but I add a bit I add a few drops of tonics or treatment in with the formula as they work great for my skin too, obviously I tried the facial mask without the extra additions to give an honest review. And the facial mask still worked amazingly on my face but I think the best bit that I like about the mask is how travel friendly this product is as well as personal  to each skin care routine and skin type.

I would recommend this facial mask as it is easy to use and travel with, while also being well priced for how much product you get. I would rate this facial mask 9/10.

detox body scrub:

This body scrub is a good natural salt scrub for the body, with a very strong scent which fills the whole bathroom and you are engulfed in the scent of  patchouli oils, which personally I don’t like very strong scents as this over powered and gives me a migraine as I am sensitive to scents.

But as a body scrub this is good its a great exfoliator for the body it lathers very well and ensures all the dead skin is scrubbed off your body but its a dark scrub with a lot of oils so you may have to remix before applying as it does separate out.  I do love this scrub but not the scent which to me personally it is a real shame and I hope to see more scents soon which I hope too try out.

I would recommend to people  who like very strong scents, but personally I would rate this body scrub 6.5/10.

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