What skin needs cracked skin moisturiser

About the brand:

What Skin Needs is Phyto-Activated with Plantolin. This key ingredient is derived from the Australian indigenous plant Centipeda cunninghamii and is internationally patent-protected for its novel active compounds. It provides a natural synergy of anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant activity from one natural source.

Appearance and texture:

The packaging of this skin cream is perfection, its simple but also looks very natural with minimal colour on the boxes, the tube inside is also easy to read big bold text with a natural green colouration on the tubes which gives a lovely natural aesthetic to the packaging. The cracked skin cream is a cream colour with  a hint of lime green which is a lovely contrast to the packaging and very cohesive with the brand logo. This is a very thick cream, which is very hydrating on the skin and is amazing on areas that don’t normally get daily love tat get dry and cracked and need some help here and there.

Application and results:

This skin cream is a lovely all purpose body cream if you skin is in need of a treatment for those hard to solve dry patches like your feet, knees, ankles, elbows and even my hands. I have very dry skin and need to moisturise every day even after showers and baths, sometimes I do miss a few spots and they get very dehydrated and end up looking very dry to the point where it feels like scales. After using this cream on these areas for a few weeks they look very hydrated now and even not dragon scales for me now. I will definitely repurchase after I finish this cream but I wont for a long while as this skin cream lasts forever especially for being £8.99. Its a great hydrating balm.

Reccomendation and rating:

I do like this as a once every few days pamper for my feet, ankles and other dry patches on my skin, the pricing on this product is spot on and isn’t widely expensive.

I would rate this cracked skin balm 9/10.

If you do wish to purchase this skin cream or just check out there website click here.

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