Kiss eyelashes

About the brand:

Kiss is the worlds biggest manufacturer and distributor of high quality nail products. This brand started with high quality nails and as there products soared they expanded there products and there reach of where they are sold. Kiss also sells eyelashes, hair colouring, tools and care, while they now have a vast range of cosmetics such as lipsticks, blushes, pallets, lip balms, make up sponges, even brushes and eyeshadows.

Appearance and texture:

These eye lashes are long and bold with jet black thick fibrous individual lashes that are very flattering on the eyes. These bold lashes are ideal for a night out or even a photoshoot as they are very nice, high quality and scream goddess when you are wearing them. The packaging is simplistic and sleek with a lovely pop of colour to the simplistic but modern packaging which is amazing and very appealing to the eye.

Application and results:

When applying these lashes to my eyes they are easily placed onto the eyes and are very durable and great to use as they last all night with a lovely bold look while wearing them, these are not  natural eyelashes other ones maybe but these are a bold in your face, type of eye lashes and will make you be realised by everyone in the room and amplified your eyes as a main point.

Reccomendation and rating:

I would reccomend this eyelashes as they are good quality with a drugstore price and easily assessable through boots or superdrug. I would rate this product 7/10.

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