Gorgias jojoba facial oil

About the brand:

Gorgias London is a natural  Independent Beauty Brand, Gorgias London is passionate about botanical based, ingredient-led skin and haircare, designed to enhance your natural beauty while simultaneously helping you to feel good from within. The founding team behind the brand had an ambition to create a luxurious but accessible beauty solution with natural ingredients at the core. It was essential that as well as being luxurious, the products needed to provide effective results and above all they needed to be honest.

Appearance and texture:

The appearance of this product looks absolutely divine as its simplistic informative yet natural. This £29.95 facial oil is 100% natural with the only ingredient being jojoba seed oil, this is a great product and the facial oil isn’t too expensive especially for the 100% natural ingredients as they can range into the 100’s for these quality facial oils. This facial oil is a green almost yellow looking facial oil which I love to apply with moisturiser or on bar face in the morning. I love the press button squishier on top as to me they seem really fancy and delicate and nicer to use when applying the product as you have more control over the amount of product distributed onto the face.

Application and results:

This jojoba facial oil is a lovely thin facial oil that feels light on the skin with a very viscous texture, the yellow oil applies easily to the face and I adore using this in conjunction with a plain natural facial moisturiser as it gives more hydration and smells nicer. I seemed to reach for this more then the rest of my facial oils, I don’t know if its the packaging that draws me in, the easy application or the trust in the brand because of the natural no filler ingredients. After using this product for a few months I can agree that this is the best facial oil I have ever used.

Reccomendation and rating:

I would recommend this facial oil as its is natural, looks adorable and feels amazing on the skin with a carefree application as there is no hidden fillers in the facial oil. I would rate this product 9.5/10.

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