Alvvé rapid renewal day mask

About the brand:

Alvve was started in 2018 born out of the belief that the effect of time can be managed and will not define you or your appearance. These products are made for people 20+ to help reduce the physical signs of aging and firm the skin.

Appearance and texture:

This facial mask, well what can I say the packaging speaks wonders. The pastel powder blue is impeccable for this product with lovely white text giving a clean but elegant style to the facial mask. I love the idea and concept of the day mask, As a very busy person with blog, work and full time university its hard to give yourself the pamper you need especially in the morning, I thought I wouldn’t have time for this mask but it fitted into my schedule quite nicely, I loved doing this on the weekend and I also used this on valentines day which made my fine lines fade more for the photos and the special event.

how to use this mask:

  1. wash your face as normal leaving the skin clean and slightly damp to the touch.
  2. it is essential to rub the sachet before opening and using this product, then open to the liquefy formula inside.
  3. apply a thin, even layer of the mask, including around the mouth eyes as required.
  4. leave the mask to dry for 10 -15 minutes and then gently wash away with cool water, not forgetting to moisturise and apply SPF after.

Application and results:

This day facial mask was very interesting and different to me so I wanted to try it. This day mask applied easily to the face and had enough product in each sachet you could use it for two days which would increase the use of the product for the price, as I do understand that this product is expensive at £69 for 6 Sachets of this advanced formula but it isn’t very assessable to most underpaid employees, but I do suggest if you have the money for this to try it out as it is such a good mask, but on the positive if you don’t earn much and you want to try this facial mask they do sell them in single
sachets for you to try out and trial run on your skin.

Overall I really enjoyed this facial mask a lot and I would recommend to people older then myself as I don’t have many skin concerns at this current moment so i wouldn’t repurchase right now but in future years to come and I feel like I need something for those wrinkles I would look to this brand and purchase a pack of these facial masks.

Reccomendation and rating:

I would recommend this product as it is great to try out and especially for those women who are aware of there fine lines. I would rate this product 8/10. 

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