Rawganics NEW soothing and brightening, cucumber and hibiscus mask

This is the brand new, release sheet masks by Rawganics with there being a few different types; soothing and brightening with cucumber, mulberry and hibiscus. The next being the anti-ageing and firming pomegranate, rose water and algae.

About the brand:

Rawganic is a uk based natural, vegan, gluten free, cruelty free, planet friendly, on-the-go skincare brand. Rawganic sells micellar waters, hydration mists, handle wipes and now sheet masks. They are an organic skincare brand made with natural plant based sustainable materials.

Appearance and texture:

The packaging of this sheet mask is simplistic and Natural with lovely green and silver colour theme. I love that on the packet it has the main ingredients easy and visible to see, so buying the product is a lot easier. I love that the product and packaging together look so natural and appealing to the eye visually it entices you to want to try out this product. As a massive fan of sheet masks myself, the opportunity to trying this product I was so happy to try this product I screamed when I received this in the mail.

The sheet mask is a thick, durable cloth that stretches and fits the face so well and is very saturated with serum and felt so nice on the face.

Application and results:

While the facial mask applied easily to the face and sat well onto the shape of the face on this I was surprised about was that while doing work it didn’t slide off my face which with some masks happen a lot. I do love this sheet mask as it is sturdy, you can have it on longer if you want to and it is so hydrating to the face it was nice to see a natural glow and hydration on my face which I Havant seen in a while.

After using this facial mask my face felt plump and hydrated which was a lovely soothing feeling to the face, I also felt that my face was detoxed and inflammation was reduced, I only used this facial mask once so I cant say a lot about it but I feel like its a good price and if you wanted to treat yourself this would be lovely to treat yourself to.

Reccomendation and rating:

I would recommend this sheet mask as a treat to your skin, I love getting a treat and giving it to myself its a lovely way to self love. I would recommend this product and rate it 9/10.

Sample wipes:

These was easy and simple to use, wasn’t too fragrant, didn’t irritate the skin in any way, while the wipes where moist and also lovely and gentle on the face. I used these as a great thing to chuck in your bag as a freshen up after the Gym or great to put in you travel purse if you are going away for a night or so instead of a cleanser. These wipes are a great size perfect fit for the face and neck and biodegradable which is lovely and safe for the environment, which made me feel nice. I would recommend these as they are easy to use and handy, I would rate them 7/10.

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