Bio:végane skin food organic açai collection

About the brand:

This brand started in 2016 and is part of the brand world of BCG Baden-Baden Cosmetics Group GmbH. As one of the leading independent cosmetics companies in Germany, BCG has been developing and producing cosmetics with mostly natural active ingredients of the highest quality and tested effectiveness in own production for the German and international market for more than 75 years. they have a large variety of products for all skin types and love putting amazing healthy food in skincare to love our skin and our bodies. 

Organic açai facial wash:

This facial cleanser is good it leaves your face clean and clear without feeling over cleansed or like you didn’t do anything with your face. This facial cleanser is a lovely classic gel facial wash that doesn’t strip the skin but don’t leave your face feeling tight either. 

This facial cleanser is a clear gel that almost looks like jelly it foams lovely when mixed with water which is a plus and the packaging of this product is divine from the classic white packaging to the acai berries on the packaging to represent that line of skincare product for people who like visual signs on products. 

After using this product for a few months I have a very good opinion on this product that is clear. I think that this product is really nice it does the job of cleansing the face and also smells amazing which is also good. I will continue to use this up and debate repurchasing this product. I would rate this facial wash 8/10. 

organic açai facial serum:

This was the best product out of the whole line that I found that worked best for my skin, this is hydrating serum that has a semi clear gel like formula that hydrates the face. This product was amazing and it helped to hydrate and balance my face which is amazing.  

Again I love the packaging and the different patterns and  colours for the different skin concerns which is perfect for visual people.

The product itself is a lovely hydrating glossy serum that hydrates the face and apples a lovely thin layer over the face to restore the skin with some moisture. After using this a few months I found that out of this whole line the facial serum worked best for my skin, maybe different for yours.

I would reccomend this product as it is very nice and I would rate it 10/10.

Organic açai eye cream:

This eye cream is a light gel cream moisturising cream that sinks into the under eyes nice and evenly. It’s a white opec coloured cream that isn’t too thick as it has a light milky consistency to they eye cream. And left my skin feeling hydrated.

 This product has a milky look to the gel cream formula, while the packaging is beautiful with a simplistic white look to the product with a lovely colour that is designed for the combination skincare range for this product line which i am reviewing. This product looks lovely in pictures and also looks amazing on my skincare shelf, while also knowing it is a natural organic brand and its good for my skin makes me feel more comfortable with this brand too. After using this product for a few months I began to love not only for this line but for all the individual products this is one of the two products that I loved the most out of this line especially for my skin type. I saw some results from this product as I saw that my eyes seemed slightly more hydrated but I do have issues with dehydration and fine lines on my eyes. This was a great product to use and I enjoyed this product a lot. I would rate this product 7/10.

Organic açai 24 hour moisturiser:

This moisturiser is a semi thick cream that is moisturising to the skin and smells divine, while also leaving a little later on the face to moisturise during the day and night. This moisturiser is absolutely great after using this for a few months I have grown attached to this product its really nice as it moisturises but doesn’t ball up on the face which happens with a lot of moisturisers. 

The product has a glossy could like appearance and looks light and fluffy, while also having very modest packaging this is easily used to visually see what like the product is in and what the product is. 

 After using this product for a few months I saw dramatic results from my excess serum reduced to having more soft and supple skin that felt more hydrated, I have combo skin with an oily T-zone and dry cheeks. This product did not under hydrate my dry skin but also didn’t make my oil T-zone worse.

Overall I really enjoyed this product and the rest of the line I would reccomend to everyone and I would rate this product 8/10.

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