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Purepotions skin salvation daily moisturising cream

About the brand:

Lula after being prescribed medicine for her eczema but she found they stung and didn’t work. Understandably, Natalie was desperate to find a product Lula could use. She wanted to make a moisturiser that didn’t contain anything unnecessary that may harm Lula’s skin.

Natalie started experimenting with cooking up traditional ointments and salves in her kitchen; she used combinations of herbs and oils such as hemp, calendula, nettle and olive use in skincare for centuries, which is now known as the skin salvation moisturising ointment.

Appearance and texture:

This daily moisturising cream has a faint green look but also is thick to the touch and gives a deep moisturising layer to the skin. The packaging of this product is amazing as it is a slim line looking product that has a very sleek but natural look to the packaging which I love. I also like how the packaging is cohesively green and the cream is also tinted green slightly, but its a nice green is a very light pastel green. The cream is a semi-thick glossy soft sleek cream which applies to the skin easily and absorbs quickly into the skin hydrating any chapped skin I loved using this on my legs and stomach as it helped my stretch marks.

Application and results:

This cream applies easily and evens out of the skin to cover the whole body which is very nice. While it also doesn’t take long to sink into the skin a couple minutes at the max, I hate it when lotion takes 15-20 minutes the dry properly but this lotion doesn’t do that it absorbs instantly.

The packaging makes application easier to use the lotion without allowing excess bacteria into the product which may also harm the skin.

The semi green lotion is a lovely natural colour while also skin ing into the skin nicely without leaving a oily layer on the skin it just leaves your skin feeling soft and replenished.

Reccomendation and rating:

I would recommend this moisturising cream as it is a lovely thick moisturiser and amazing to use in the morning and evening which hydrates the body. I would rate this product a solid 8/10.

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