Petal and leaf replenish dew drops facial oil

About the brand:

The creator of petal and leaf oils is Lindsey, who is qualified as a Certified Aromatherapist and a Registered Nurse. All products from petal and leaf are 100% natural, toxic free and organic. They have a range of products from rollerball oils to relax, help PMS, revive and calm. They also sell perfume oils which are also organic and facial oils.

Appearance and texture:

The packaging of this product is simplistic and easy on the eye packaging wise, the darkened bottle helps to keep the active ingredients safe from turning bad. I love the light monochrome look with the dark bottle and the white text, the pop of colour from the logo brings the packaging cohesively together. The packaging is strong and wont fall apart, the oil itself is a semi sheer and see-though oil with a very light yellow tint to the oil, the oil has a glossy texture but is very viscous.

Application and results:

This oil applied nicely and even onto the skin, I applied this two different ways I either put a few drops in my hand and heat them up then gently pat into my skin or I will apply to a cotton pad and sweep onto a specific area I would like to apply this oil to. after using this oil for 3-4 weeks I saw my skin begin to become more hydrated and while the oil to me smelled slightly perfumed it didn’t bother me. This oil glides onto the skin and makes the surface feel smooth and glossy, but on the other hand I did only use this a night as it did give my face an oily sheen to my skin which I personally don’t like but this is perfect for night time to layer with a moisturiser. 

reccomendation and rating:

I would recommend this product as it is a lovely  light oil, I would recommend this to people with normal or dry skin. I would rate this product 9/10.

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