Petal and leaf stress relief exhale relaxation blend

About the brand:

The creator of petal and leaf oils is Lindsey, who is qualified as a Certified Aromatherapist and a Registered Nurse. All products from petal and leaf are 100% natural, toxic free and organic. They have a range of products from rollerball oils to relax, help PMS, revive and calm. They also sell perfume oils which are also organic and facial oils.

Appearances and texture:

This oil felt amazing and a very light oil on the skin. This product is a yellow tinted oil that you applied to your temples and your pulse points. The packaging is sleek and sophisticated with A gold lid And access to the product, well having a frosted glass bottle and plastic rollable to make it easy and accessible.

Application and results:

This is a lovely product that absorbs quickly and easily into the skin. After using this product for a couple of weeks before went to bed I saw that my sleeping pattern has been affected and I was sleeping deeper if I put this on before I went to sleep. This is a lovely and Essential oil and is very calming and relaxing I would recommend to anyone who is studying, working or is stressed at home from children this would be ideal for you if you feel stressed and it helps relax you.

Reccomendation and rating:

I would reccomend this product to people who enjoy essential oils and who need a little bit of relaxation in there life. I would rate this essential oil 9/10.

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