Design me hold me hairspray and puff me and Volumising cloud mist

About the brand:

Design me is a vegan, cruelty free, sulphate free, paraben free and gluten free brand that is based around innovative hair care products with a fusion of fun included. Design me states that they set out with the goal to turn heads with unique formulas, special features and colourful branding. There main idea was to unleash their rebellious, creative sassy sides which ended up being one of the fastest growing hair care and styling company in north America.

3 ways hold  me hairspray:

The packaging of this product is so perfect, from the pastel powdered pink to the sleek matt Finnish to the packaging. The product itself is a versatile hairspray and can hold at three different levels depending on the situation and duration. This is a very unique but useful product the minimise the amount of hairspray you have.

I thought this product held up pretty well as most hairsprays don’t last long in my hair as I have heavy long but pretty thick natural hair. when I applied the hairspray to my hair it did hold my hair really well and even when raining, 30 MPH winds and putting my hood up and down it still stayed wavy and curly all day, but it did make my hair crunchy which was a negative in my opinion as I don’t like the look of curls that look hard and crunchy but besides form that this was a very good hairspray.

I would recommend this to people who don’t mind the crunchiness of hairspray, overall it is really good and I would recommend, this will be a go to from now on. I would rate this product 9/10.

Puff me Volumising cloud mist:

This product I have never heard of before and  never used anything like this  in my life. I went into trying this product with open eyes and not reading anyone’s reviews to sway how I felt about what the product did for me.

This product is designed to easily pump into hair dry and apply a few inches from the head about 2-4 pumps and rub or scrunch into the hair to create volume to the roots of your hair.

I used this product in my roots exactly as they directed for me to apply the product and I didn’t see dramatic results it gave a little bit of lift to my hair but not enough for me to want to repurchase this product again. Iv tried this product quite a few times and this product just doesn’t want to work with my hair, I’m not saying its an awful product and you shouldn’t purchase it I’m saying that for my hair type it didn’t work too well. I believe that if you have thinner hair or even shorter hair it would work as i got a friend to try and it worked better but if you have long thick hair this isn’t a product for you.

I would recommend for thin or short hair types but i wouldn’t for people with on to very long hair or people with thin hair as this just would be a waste. I would rate this product 6/10.

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