Odylique timeless rose moisturiser

About the brand:

This is a brand that specialises in Organic skincare for people suffering with sensitive skin. Margaret we are making skincare over 30 years ago for people with sensitive skin, every product is handmade by a selected few people and isn’t factory made. They avoid Products that can cause allergic reactions such as wheat, dairy, nuts and many more. The products are tested on volunteers and are never tested on animals, The insured to use fair trade products, the sellers and distributors follow the same ethical guidelines while they still use appropriate responsible packaging.

Appearance and texture:

This moisturiser has lovely packaging, a pump which is lockable And a glass bottle which is busted which gives a very elegant and unique appearance sure the product. The labels are stuck onto the frosted glass. The product is sold is a semi-thin moisturiser with the yellow tint to the location. You can either use this to layer or as a day moisturiser.

Active ingredients:

The main active ingredient in this moisturiser are:

  • Rose
  • Rosehip
  • Sea buckthorn rich in omega 7
  • Aloe Vera
  • Jojoba
  • Coconut

Application and results:

I love this moisturiser but the only drawback is the very strong rose almost perfumed scent to it.

Besides from this issue I really didn’t joy this moisturiser, as I used this as a layering moisturiser or in the morning. Applied easily and you only needed one pump which is always good as the dispenser is the right amount of products for one use.

It helped my skin slightly with moisture levels and it was really nice on my skin I didn’t irritate or have any allergic reactions.

Rating and reccomendation:

I would recommend this to people, but if your on A budget I would say there Are other moisturisers that work the same for cheaper price. But I would write this product 8/10.

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