Embryolisse lait-crème concentrè and hydra-mat emulsion

About the brand:

Embryolisse has been in pharmacies for over 60 years, originally  started as a French brand and has branched out to other country. The brand was started in 1950’s with a Dermatologist who created the infamous  lait-creme concentrate which is now sold to millions of people worldwide. The plant extracts that are used in in there products are recognised for there gentleness and tolerance.

Lait-crème concentrè moisturiser:

This cream is known for being a multi-purpose moisturising cream. The packaging of this product is different as it is a metal tube for this product and normally with these tubes they split on the sides and leak the product out.

I like this moisturizer when I  layer them before I go to bed, this isn’t a thick moisturizer but it is really good and makes the skin feel more hydrated and supple. This is a lovely thin moisturizer which has become one of my go to moisturizers in my bathroom, its just the right consistency and helps to stop my flaky skin from being dehydrated.

You only need about a pea size or less and with this moisturizer run in you hands gently and evenly and then run onto the skin this helps to stop unevenness and helps the whole face absorb and thin layer of the product.

Apart from the packaging issue the product itself is a lovely go to moisturizer but also lasts a long time as you don’t need much so I would recommend. I would rate this product 9/10.

Èmulsion hydra-mat Matt moisturising cream:

This is a mattifying moisturizer which helps to minimise shine on the skin this is especially true to helps those of you who have oily skin types.The main active ingredients in this cream are emollient oil, shea butter, apricot oil, vitamin E and sugar derivatives. This is a paraben free product.

This cream was very light almost like a gel on the face, when I applied this cream I didn’t expect anything much as moms of these don’t work. I applied and then put SPF on top for the day, I believed this moisturizer helped ensure my skin looked matt especially after putting oils on my skin. Anyone who uses oils will know that they make your skin look very oily and greasy but this moisturizer helped to minimise that appearance but didn’t quite take it all way but it helped my skin to look more presentable after putting on oils.

I would recommend this product but preferably in the summer as it may help out more then in the winter. I would rate this product 7/10.


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