Odylique newly released mocha lipstick

About the brand:

This is a brand that specialises in Organic skincare for people suffering with sensitive skin. Margaret we are making skincare over 30 years ago for people with sensitive skin, every product is handmade by a selected few people and isn’t factory made. They avoid Products that can cause allergic reactions such as wheat, dairy, nuts and many more. The products are tested on volunteers and are never tested on animals, The insured to use fair trade products, the sellers and distributors follow the same ethical guidelines while they still use appropriate responsible packaging.

Appearance and texture:

The lipstick is in a carboard packaging which is always good it doesn’t say the colour but it shows you through the packet, the lipstick itself outside is a sleek black glossy packaging with only the brand name on the side and the bottom has the colour  on the bottom but not a name. The lipstick itself is a natural nude brown shade which mimics the colour of the name mocha. The lipstick has a matt pigmented and saturated appearance when applied to the lips or as a swatch.

Application and results:

This product applied nicely and smoothly to the lips and was very saturated for a vegan product, I felt like I has to double apply the lipstick to get a great saturated colour but iv had lipsticks that need 10 layers to be this saturated and pigmented. This lipstick was very soft and creamy, the formula was great and the ingredients are pretty good for you too. The lipstick is a good shade for work and day to day wearable make up this is a go to and my mum love this shade, it’s a good nude brown colour.

Reccomendation and results:

I would reccomend this lipstick if you like deep nude, brown shades for your lips especially in autumn. I would rate this product 8/10.

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