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Bowe organics lips and lashes winter ready

About the brand:

This brand was founded by Diane bowe a freelance hairdresser who stumbled upon organic beauty oil when starting her hairdressing in 2012. This is where she started a passionate journey to understand all benefits of natural products and understand the harsh chemicals use in mainstream products and want to share the beautiful products they make with the world.

Lip balm:

This lip balm is a new release from Bowe organics, and I have to say I was impressed.  Bowe had never done a product like a lip balm before, the packaging is monochrome, and frosted black glass gives a sleek appearance to the product. If you applythis in a thin layer on your skin it feel feel like a light oil but if you are looking for a thicker layer you can use more which hydrates your lips light a sleeping mask, but it will feel slightly grainy in a thicker form.

This lip balm applied very well to the lips and helped to hydrate the lips, I like this lip balm as I know and trust this brand as it has no fillers in the ingredients to this product. The lip balm is a lovely hydrating oil like thin lip balm but idea for under lipsticks or in the morning as it helps to rejuvenate and nourish the lips, I am a big fan of this lip balm and would recommend for a duo gift set for a friend, family member or even a partner. This lip balm is a 10/10 go to lip balm.

Lash oil:

This lash serum, you guys know I love, I have nearly used  this whole bottle up. This is a thin oil that you apply onto the hands and then onto the lashes and even the brows.  This product is easily applied and great for the lashes as they also need love too. It’s got minimal ingredients and is cruelty free which is amazing.

This lash oil is a go to if you want to care for your lashes and a lot of my eye lashes fall out and this oil helped not only to make them feel indulged but also help reduce lash fall out. I would recommend this product from Bowe too this duo is an ideal gift this is already a 10/10.


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