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Christmas gift guide for under £30

This will be my 2018 Christmas gift guide, I have never done a gift guide before so I would love to hear some feedback in the comments.

In this gift guide will be products that are essentials to me or products I have loved so much I have brought others and they loved them too. this will be a guide to products that wont break a budget but also are worth the money you pay for them.

I have brought the majority of these products but everything I say is honest on how I feel about them. A little bit on each of the products I would reccomend for each.

I will be breaking this down into parts such as skincare, body care and fragrance, so you can scroll to a specific area if you wish to.

Firstly let’s talk about skincare…..( my favourite part)


First of all it is essential that you still exfoliate in the winter but not with harsh abrasive scrubs, this oatmeal scrub and mask is great for this time of the year especially if you have sensitive skin.

I wanted to try products from St Ives for so long but they was too abrasive for my skin. With the price tag only being £5.65 from boots but can be found cheaper in other places why not have as a stocking filler.

I love this nourishing scrub and mask as it is super gentle and moisturising on the skin I brought this for a friend for there birthday recently and she loved this as much as I do and is now hooked.

This is a great Christmas stocking filler or even a gift basket product idea.

Time bomb completion cocktails this is a trio set of serum oils which cost £30 which isn’t that bad if you are on a slightly bigger budget the basic. If you are on a slightly smaller budget move on to another product.

I really enjoy these serums they help with brightening, tightening and clearing acne, it’s a great gift for someone who travels too.

These would be an ideal present or stocking stuffer idea for a teenager or even a little girl who loves make up and skincare.

The odylique rose facial moisturiser is a very scented moisturiser but is vegan and cruelty free if you are looking for products that are good and like scented products this is a good moisturiser to try with a decent price of £23 for the full size and £8 for the travel size.

I really enjoyed this moisturiser but the scent was too much for me but you may like more floral scented products.

I would reccomend this if they like rose scents and you are looking for a lovely gift for someone who likes natural, organic and vegan skincare.

I accounted this cream moisturiser in as not only it is my go to holy grail, but the whole beauty community raves about this product as it’s a French dermatologist Brand and it’s reasonably priced at £13 in boots and may vary everywhere else.

This is a very good price for such a great moisturiser that lasts forever and I would repurchase and have already brought for a friend, it’s for all skin types as well so you can’t go wrong.

This would be a great little gift for a family or friend as it’s simple easy affordable and for all skin types.

This is a £24 moisturiser from a small company in London called Queenie which is cruelty free, organic and vegan.

I loved this moisturiser as it was a go to night cream it’s thick and really lovely on the skin as it’s very nourishing especially for people with dry skin like myself.

I would reccomend this as maybe a small gift for a friend or even a girlfriend or even a stocking filler.

I would definitely reccomend snail mucin products for a gift these where £4.50 together for the eye cream and face cream they work incredibly well for reducing inflamed skin, puffy ness and fine lines.

my secret favourite skincare products Contain snail mucin, worldwide in the K beauty industry to reduce scars and helps to hydrate the skin.

I would recommend these as good gift ideas especially for people but can also be gifted to friends, family and people who travel.

These jelly masks are ideal for a gift as they are a day and night multi purpose primer and hydrating night mask. These cost £30 each from beauty and Seoul, but can be found at different prices on different websites.

I have only been using this for about 2/3 weeks and they have become my favourite product especially the black jelly mask this is a go to now and will be repurchased many times.

You can also get these in 30mls tubes for a lot less you can use as a trial of the product for a friend and I promise you will be addicted too.

I have been using these sleeping masks for a very long time and swear by them they act like the one but a lot more cost effective, they are £4.79 each off of AliExpress but maybe able to find somewhere else cheaper.

I do like this it’s not an intensive face mask it’s more of a gel moisturiser but they smell Devine my favourite is the strawberry one, I would reccomend this and as a Christmas present it would be ideal for a skincare lover.

Next stop in the body products…

First stop on the body-care train is the Baylis and Harding toasted marshmallow and treacle moon coconut island body butter. These both work the same but smell completely different, one smells like pink marshmallows and other like a coconut dream. They are both hydrating body butters and everyone loves body butter after a shower.

I would reccomend both of these as they are a go to after a lovely shower and nourish the body both between £3 – £5 which is very good for these body butters as they are relatively inexpensive.

Talking about feeling like you are in a tropic holiday this body scrub 😍 it’s a pineapple scented scrub that’s nice on the skin without being abrasive on the skin, Iv almost used this all up 😱.

I would definitely recommend this as a gift as I have repurchased as a gift to myself and got my friend one as she loves fruity scents. This product is priced at £8 off of Birchbox but you can probably find it cheaper, this is a great luxury scrub without the luxurious price.

Everyone loves a bit of Rituals especially the cherry blossom body cream cause wow , if there’s anyone who loves cherry blossom as much as me this is a go to gift idea and it only costs £6 which is very good for Rituals and must be something I would reccomend to everyone.

It’s a lovely tube as there is a lot of product for the price and it will last a pretty long time, Iv gifted this to my mum as a gift basket idea but can also be good for stocking fillers or a gift for a friend Rituals is a go to for me.

Radox has come out with a lovely limited edition gift set to get you craving the summer time with a lux bath body shower cream in a mouthwatering watermelon cosmetic bag. This retails for £4.99 or cheaper from Tesco which is a lovely gift set for someone.

From the water melon bath bomb to the lychee and watermelon body cream you will be summer ready, I personally love gift sets as you can just buy someone a gift set and be done with gifts as it’s simple and I would reccomend this set if you want something simple and easy.

Just a little bit of Fragrance….

This little perfume gift set has 5 mini perfumes in from yardley and retails for £20 (its on sale for £13 at the moment) from the yardley website. This has a travel size 10mls of each of there perfumes I love travel size things I think they are cute and adorable.

I would recommend this set for teenagers or even women as I said before gift sets are easy to buy and gift without in-depth thought or open wallet surgery.

This exhale relaxation blend from petal and leaf is amazing it’s a small 10mls roller ball is £12 and it is very calming and great for a little gift to someone who is stressed or goes thought a lot.

Yes I know this isn’t technically a fragrance but it’s a calming oil fragrance that’s calming. I would reccomend even for my followers abroad as this is a Brand based in Florida.

Every one loves being by sanctuary I love this scent they do especially the fragrance and hand cream, cause, wow! These are about £5 – £7 each and this scent is my favourite, and the only scent I like 😂from them.

I would reccomend as this is forest as you can get a few from one set for a little gift set and give as a small gift to a friend or family, Iv given this to a friend I don’t see much, this is great for a gift.

If you follow my Instagram you will know that I love this perfume this is my go to now it’s an oil perfume lasts forever scent is amazing and is cruelty free and organic, these are recently new releases from the brand petal and leaf. These retail for about £20 it’s more expensive for a perfume but if your girlfriend likes fun and flirty scents she will adore this.

I would recommend this to a girlfriend as a little gift as I would love this as a Christmas gift and there is no bad ingredients in this, so she will love it even if there against animal cruelty and non natural products.

Hand creams …..

This hand cream trio from love juice I got from Tesco for £3 which is amazing for £1 a hand cream with a range of scents like pineapple, coconut and banana.

These are a lightly scented light hand lotion and doesn’t leave a oily texture on the skin, I would reccomend this set as a gift as sets are easy to buy and gift while also being relatively inexpensive so is great if you are on a budget.

Everyone has heard about the soap and glory hand food and has always been a go to gift but also the patisserie de Bain hand cream has an incredible scent and is delightful. The hand food retails for £6.98 and the other £1 so depending on if they like a thicker hand cream or a lovely scent these are both really good and depends on your price range.

I have given these in different scents to my partner as he loves lemon and mango. I would reccomend these as they will also last a very long time.

Final thoughts ….

Overall I enjoyed putting this together just to say again none of the websites or products I talk about I got asked to put in here this is all on my opinion and I would love to know what you thought about this gift guide. Did you get any ideas or buy any of these? I would love to hear some feedback from you guys as you guys mean the world to me.

I know this was a little skincare heavy but did you like that or next year should I do more evenly overall of them what’s your ideas.

Have a good shopping time, don’t forget to relax and have a very merry Christmas!

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