Chamuel men face wash, post shave moisturiser and retinol moisturiser

About the brand:

This is a recently new brand started in 2014 by Sedrick lee, his primary goal was to take care of his skin and to help combat the signs of ageing. frustrated with the lack of men’s facial products he set out to make an all natural brand of skincare specially designed for men. this brand prides themselves on being simple, effective skincare for men. They are sold on amazon for any users who want to try some products from them the links will be at the bottom of the review. this product line has a zesty scent with the orange peel extract in most of there products but also contain rosehip oil, argon oil or retinol.

Deep cleansing facial wash: (£10.90)

This face wash is packaged in a beautiful but sleek black packaging with  lovely blue accents, this packaging is good as any scuffs or dents are concealed and it stills looks very sophisticated. The face wash itself has a very unique scent of orange to the face wash, which is very refreshing my partner stated but I’m not the biggest fan of citrus scents but this is up to personal opinion. This face wash has a gel like formula which lathers nicely on the face leaving a lovely clean but refreshed  feeling to the face without being stripping so this is good for the majority of skin types.

When I used this face wash it lathered nicely on the skin, wasn’t stripping but cleaned my face, this is an everyday facial wash and isn’t too intense on the face. This face wash left my face feeling lightly refreshed and smooth, the scent was lovely in the morning to wake myself up, my partner liked this and loves zesty scents so he used this a lot more  then me as I used this in the morning and he used it in the morning and at night time.

Over all between me and my partner we agreed that we would recommend this products to people who like zesty scents or to males who would like to get into skincare and looking after then skin more. we both decided that we would rate this product 8/10.

Post shave moisturiser: (£11.97)

This moisturiser has a semi-thick consistency  with a white look to the cream. The packaging of this product is cohesive with the rest of the line of products with a sleek black packaging with a orange colour accent to the packaging, the different colours on the products make it easy to tell the difference between the products, I like that this moisturiser is in a tube as its easily used and you can get the most out of the packaging.

When I used this facial moisturiser it left my face feeling lightly refreshed and soothed, my partner agreed that the moisturiser was soothing on the skin after being irritated by shaving. This product also has a light orange scent to it, this semi-thick moisturiser goes a long way so you only need a little bit when applying to the face and neck.

We both came to an agreement that this is a really nice calming moisturiser which is good for all skin types as he has oily skin and I have dry skin, we would recommend this especially in this up coming Christmas time as an ideal gift for a male in your life for a lovely facial routine. We rated this product 9/10.

Retinol rich moisturiser: (£14.22)

This moisturiser is a lovely semi-thick consistency with added retinol, salicylic acid and vitamin E to help repair the skin if it is need of extra care or restoration of the skin. Again the packaging is black and sleek so it wont get grubby quickly and has green accents for the retinol rich moisturiser, I think this colour theme is good with this product. The pump on this moisturiser is really handy, while also keeping the product hygienic when you are using it.

We thought that this was a good moisturiser, I found it a little too strong on some patches of my face but I have very sensitive skin so this isn’t uncommon, but my partner who doesn’t have sensitive skin liked this and felt no irritation.  Besides the slight irritation it did leave my skin feeling soft and my partners skin looked more clearer with this treatment and felt softer and smoother.

Together we decided that this product we would recommend to people who don’t have very sensitive skin or don’t like orange scents to there products. We would rate this product 8/10.



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