skincare jelly pack and black jelly pack

About the brand: is a Korean brand that promotes innovative multi-tasking range to help keep skin amazing and save time. There range known for hydrating, plumping and line-lessening, while also products that grip your make up making it ‘flawless from dusk ’til dawn’. is the brainchild of award winning actress and Korean influencer Ji-Won. This range is known for being modern and concise while also providing all the products to keep you skin healthy and hydrated. jelly pack:

This product is a thicker consistency then the over night jelly mask, this is a primer so you can use this under make-up to make it last longer through out the day. This packaging is a pump bottle with a matt white finish to the bottle, the text is clean and clear with black text on the packaging. The white packaging gives a brighter and lighter feeling to the product then the black jelly pack.

The product itself inside the bottle is a thick, sticky consistency to the primer, personally I don’t use primer often that much but it is good if you have a really long day planned and need that make-up to last all that time and not melt half way through the day. The product itself is a very thick translucent jelly, which was very thick and sticky compared to the other one but helped to keep the make up on m face for longer through out the day. I still don’t use primer often but out of ones I have tried this has been the best, I did see that this primer made my pores appear smaller giving my skin a nicer look.

I would recommend this product as it is very good at keeping your make up in place when you need it on for a long period of time. I would rate this product 8/10. black overnight jelly pack:

This product has lovely packaging with a glossy texture to the outside of the bottle giving the product a very unique appearance to the bottle, the text on the packaging is clear and easy to read which is good for any age. The black packaging has a shimmer tone to it which is great as it gives a very lovley night time appearance which is the opposite of the other one, the packaging mimics night time and gives a great first impression.

After using this product a few weeks I really love this product it is now one of my holy grails as it is great on the skin, with an amazing light gel jelly texture which is very unique to any overnight masks I have tried in the past. Once you have pumped this product quite a few times to get the product up the pump packaging, the product itself if a dark black, blue-ish light translucent jelly.

Once warmed in the hands, apply to the face this over night mask is a light gel consistency on the face and leaves the face smooth with a glossy shine. After applying this product to my face and going to bed for the night, I woke up feeling refreshed and my skin looking over all a lot nicer. After using this product every night religiously for a week and a half my skin cleared up from an acne mess to a smooth supply surface with glowing glass like skin.

I would recommend to everyone and I will definitely be repurchasing once this bottle is done and finished. I would rate this product 10/10.

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