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Hempz pink pomelo and Himalayan sea salt body foam and scrub

About Brand:

Hempz is a brand that is paraben -free, gluten free, THC free and vegan brand that is against animal cruelty. They sell products from moisturisers, body wash, lip balm and shower gels. All of there products contain 100% natural hemps seed oil which is rich in vitamins E, C, B1, B2, B3 And B6 which is ideal for maintaining healthy skin and hair.

Pink pomelo and Himalayan sea salt body foam: (£16.99)

This product has a sleek modern look to the packaging and suits any bathroom for display. The product has a translucent package of which is lovely to see how much you have used with a light pomelo background.

The product itself is a pinky red colour but the foam comes out icy white. This micro bubble body foam is a lovely gentle body wash which is great for sensitive skin also with a very perfumed pomelo and Himalayan salt scent which is unusual for hempz.

The product turns liquid to foam through the pump which dispenses the foam you need 2 – 3 pumps to use in the shower but the downside is that after using a few times you can see it does use up a lot of the product and wouldn’t last a very long time.

I would reccomend this to people who don’t mind this and are ok with perfumed scents, which may affect you skin but it didn’t on my sensitive skin, but personally I wouldn’t repurchase but I loved the concept and scent. I would rate this product 8/10.

Pink pomelo and Himalayan sea salt body scrub: (£16.50)

The packaging is very pretty and pink with a subtle tone which complements the scent of this product well, the packaging shape is very different as it is curvy and sleek.

The product itself is a cream white almost conditioner thick consistency with small salt partials. This salt scrub is very gentle on the skin and there isn’t many salt particles and a lot of cream in this product. This is a lovely thick creamy scrub applied nicely to the skin leaving a moisturising feeling while exfoliating the skin slightly.

This left my body feeling smooth with a lovely scent but it was different to Hempz other products it smelt almost more like a perfumes body scrub. I would recommend this if you like perfumed products and have the money for this types of a product, I personally wouldn’t repurchase this. I would rate this product 7/10.


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