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Tmy’s vitamin C essence

About the brand:

Tmy’s is a relatively new brand with one one product released at this point but plans to release some more products to there brand soon. They are a new gentle, efficient, vegan, cruelty free brand that ships there products worldwide. With an aim “to make you smile”. They are an indie brand which is based in Thailand.


This products packaging is modern, super sleek and elegant with a hint of bright vibrant almost neon yellow. The tinted glass matches the packaging giving a lovely contrast but is also amazing and preserving the vitamin C so you can use it longer.The product inside is a clear glossy essence which give a subtle glow to the skin.


The essence was a semi-thick glossy essence that looks very hydrating but main purpose is to bring a lovely glow to the skin with a lovely vitamin C booster. This essence is a see-through appearance with a silky soft texture to the skin. Once applied and left to sink in it doesn’t leave the skin feeling Sticky.

Application and results:

After toneing and cleansing The face I would apply the brightening essence then carried on with serums and moisturiser. This essence left a semi-sticky Base To the face but helped the rest of my skincare afterwards to help sink in better. I believe after using this essence for a long period of time, about 3 to 4 weeks, this did help to brighten my skin and I loved that you not only had vitamin c but also had B3 and HA included in the essence too. I would use this in the evening as Vitamin C May degrade in the sunlight. But overall I had many comments about how brighter my skin looked overall and how healthier I looked.

Reccomendation and rating:

I believe this essence helped and I would repurchases this as it’s a good overall brand and product as well as they’re also vegan and cruelty free. I would recommend this product and I would rate this product 8/10.

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