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Odylique purifying face wash and spot-on serum

About the brand:

This is a brand that specialises in Organic skincare for people suffering with sensitive skin. Margaret we are making skincare over 30 years ago for people with sensitive skin, every product is handmade by a selected few people and isn’t factory made. They avoid Products that can cause allergic reactions such as wheat, dairy, nuts and many more. The products are tested on volunteers and are never tested on animals, The insured to use fair trade products, the sellers and distributors follow the same ethical guidelines while they still use appropriate responsible packaging.

Odylique lemon and tea tree facial wash:

This products packaging is beautiful I love how you have a Quality sticker on this perfect bottle, with an amazing pump which doesn’t clog and doesn’t cause any issues. The product its self is a very thin shiny face wash, this applies nicely to the skin but requires a little bit of work to start a lather but be aware this face wash does strip your skin So remember to put on a lot of moisture often. I do you like this please wash as it leaves your face squeakyclean so if you have had a lot of products on your face that day it cleans everything off and is amazing, leaving a great tightened feeling to the face.

I would reccomend this as this is one of my new holy grails 😍. I would rate this product 10/10.

Odylique spot-on serum:

The product packaging is simplistic, it is a thin white plastic bottle with a sticker surrounding it. The product itself is a white creamy Serum, with a thin consistency. After cleansing and toning i use this all over my face as I get a lot of breakouts. I applied very small amounts almost pea size amount onto the palm of the hand and then massage into each other hand then apply all over the face massaging until the white cast has gone and it has sunk into the skin. I thought like this product did make a change in my skincare, and helped with my breakouts. But it had a very strong scent of tea tree which put me off slightly but the product was good and I will use this up.

I would reccomend this product if you don’t mind the scent of tea tree as this is good and natural product. I would rate this product 6/10.

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