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UXB skincare shave cream, scrub and shower cream

About the brand:

This brand was started in 2016 and sourced for the highest quality ingredients. The owner of this brand go her idea for UXB when she was away in Turkey with all the natural soaps that helped her clean her sensitive dry skin. It’s believed that cleansing is the most important step and with these ingredients it’s made possible. UXB skincare is a oil based company that is free from synthetic fragrances,mostly vegan, cruelty free, free from SLS, Organic and naturally sourced ingredients.

Brown rice milk and honey Shave cream:

(£5.50 currently)

The packaging is simplistic and sleek but also unisex and elegant for a shave cream the packaging is well made as the pump is good and doesn’t break. The product is a pearly white appearance with a thin lotion consistency you are suppose to use this on damp legs then shave your legs ect. This gives a lovely scent and leaves the legs silky smooth this isn’t like a shave foam or thick cream it is a very thin cream to shave with but the scent is perfection especially for the coming winter months as it’s such a winter scent with the warm milk and honey sweet scent without being too sickly. I loved this product and I understand why they are up for an award this is one of my Holly grails now and I would rate this 10/10.

Shower cream:


  • Jupiter and açai berry
  • Frankincense and argan oil
  • The product packaging is very simple and energetic I love the colours with the pop of gold accents on the cap and the text. The product has a semi thick texture with a ivory white pigmentation to the product with a silky smooth texture to the product itself.
  • I applied this to the skin, a little bit goes a long way, this body wash doesn’t lather but moisturises the skin, this is good for dry or sensitive skin. The scent lasted for hours after I used the shower cream which is nice they both have very herbal scents the açai berry being a softer scent then the other. But both was great unisex scents and great for gifting or stocking fillers. The scents wasn’t my favourite but they where good scents I am just like more of a sweet scent.
  • I would rate this product 8/10 as it is amazing.
  • Cranberry body scrub:

    (Under construction)

    This product looks very appealing, from the red seeds in the sugar scrub. This scrub was very chunky and crumbled on the skin which made it hard to try and scrub a specific area. Before you use this product you have to stir the tub as the oils and scrub separate out, this takes a while to mix together. But the scent on this product is fantastic I love the scent so much and when they come out with this with a altered formula I will purchase just not so much right now. At the moment I would rate this product 4/10.

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