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Navi gel cleanser and vitamin C serum

About the brand:

Navi is a brand with unique products which is made Germany but based in Vienna. Navi is an affordable-luxury facial care company based on products to make your skincare routine simple and make you feel gorgeous and reach your goals faster. Designed for women, who live a busy and highly mobile life.  

What Navi promises:

  • Paraben FREE
  • Paraffins FREE
  • Silicones FREE
  • Phathalates FREE
  • 100% VEGAN
  • Cruelty FREE | Lactin FREE | Gluten FREE | GMO FREE
  • Made in Germany in a GMP certified facility
  • Environmentally Sustainable
  • Manufactured according to ISO 14001

Awarded with an ‘EXCELLENT’ Rating in Independent Dermatological Tests.

Refreshing cleansing gel:

The packaging of this product is very bright and stands out for a face wash. I love the way they chose to cohesive colours from the bright orange muted almost metallic pink. The boxes are very simple and sleek, while The bold crisp white text stands out on the packaging and is easily understood. This product is a see-through thick gel consistency which is very creamy, while having an almost herbal like scent.

When I use this I took a pea size amount in the centre of my hand and lathered before applying to the face. The packaging says to apply with warm water using massaging movements cleanse into face and wash off.

You don’t need much of this product each time you use it, I feel like this cleansed my face thoroughly but left my skin squeakyclean but slightly dry so if you have oily skin I would recommend this. If you have dry skin I recommend using this 2 to 3 times a week only if you need a deep cleanse.

I did thoroughly enjoy using this product, as all of you know am a massive cleanser fan so I am very picky. I would rate this product 8/10.

Ultra whitening serum:

The serum has a sleek thin packaging to the product, with a bright orange packaging with pink accents. The product is made of thick plastic, the packaging is very unique as I havant seen a face serum with a cooling ball bearing applicator before only on eye creams.

With this product for best results you need to pump the serum once is enough and the serum will cluster on the ball bearing and using the roller ball you spread this around your face and they product claims that in 4 weeks you will see visible whitening of the dark spots.

This was a semi transparent serum which is semi thick and isn’t sticky or smells weird.

I thought this product was good and was fun to play with, this clogged a little bit of the pores in my sensitive areas on my face but if you don’t have sensitive skin you are great with this product. I havant seen any whitening of dark spots yet but it’s a nice product to use and gives a slight glow to the skin.

I would recommend this product to try out as it is great fun I would rate this product 8/10.

These are available on amazon so do check them out!!

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