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Trine oils stretch marks, pain and detox oils

About the brand:

The founder of tribe oils, shanti soon-pandit who has been in the beauty industry for twenty years, doing freelance make up and beauty consultations for many company’s and also studied a diploma in cosmetic science where her interest became a passion and trine oils was created.

All the oils are plant and essential oil based with no synthetic additives with remedy’s passed down from there grandparents.

Shanti has suffered from sciatica for ten years and with the help of her pain relief oil no longer needs any other form of pain relief besides the oil everyday.

Stretch mark oil:


The packaging is brilliant with a thick glass and a plastic lid. The oil itself is an orange tinted thin, viscous oil. This product has a glossy like texture that absorbs into the skin quickly. While using this product I came across a personal issue, because I have very fair skin they all left an orange tint to my skin, this may not be the same with darker skin tones or people who have a tan, this was just personal experience with my skin tone, this may have been the sea buckthorn fruit but it didn’t stain the skin just left a slight orange tint to the skin. This product was easily applied to the skin via a cotton pad and did help slightly with the colouration of the scar. I do like this product and would recommend to people wanting to get rid of scars slowly and naturally. I would rate this product 6/10.

Pain relief oil:


This oil is a green tinted oil that’s is designed to help with pain relief. This is also a thin, viscous, glossy oil. This oil applied evenly on the skin and absorbed this product helped to kill the edge of the pain in my back. This oil is a natural remedy that helps to relieve some pain and ailments with a natural solution and formula. This is rubbed into the skin in the area of pain and this will sink into the skin and help target this area. I would reccomend if you are starting out with natural pain relief and need a safe bet to start on. I would rate this product 7/10.

Detox body oil:


Out of all the oils this was my favourite. This is a yellow tinted oil with a glossy thin oily texture. This is a yellow tinted oil which you rub into a specific area with a nice massaging motion, I did this before I went to bed. This is suppose to reduce cellular build up and help the body detox of all that built up fat. This was my favourite as I enjoyed this product as it helped my stomach feel better when I got stomach cramps and ate too much food nothing a little oil and massage can’t help 😊. I would reccomend this I wouldn’t say I lost weight or it helped detox that area but it was a great oil to spend a little me time messaging in each night while you only need a little bit as it goes a long way. I would reccomend this product and rate this 8/10.

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