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Misfits ultimate foot detox pads

About the brand:

The founder of misfits cosmetics has a fresh natural view on life with innovative cosmetics to allow a “filter free” Life. Based on environmentally friendly products to boost confidence like filters with smoothing and soothing cosmetics.


This products external packaging is very simple and sleek. I like but the packaging of this product is very universal as it gives a monochrome palette while giving a pop of colour from the green foot shape. The footpads themselves Have a metallic green on the centre of the outside of the product the inside of the product in the sand yellow colour which is product that will remove the toxins which is attaches to the sticky paper which attaches them to your foot.


At first this footpads felt weird as it is unusual to have things attached to the bottom of your feet especially when you sleep. If you try to walk in these it will cut you off balance and the sticky back paper will not hold. The sashay of product in the centre is a dry powder has a green tea scent which is used to extract the toxins it felt almost bobbling to the touch but once applied to skin it was hard to feel the difference.

Application and results:

The product itself is already put together for you so you have to do is apply onto your skin simply you remove the 2 foot patches from the packaging, you peel off The backs of these footpads and you stick them carefully in the centre of your foot I put on socks for extra measure as they kept falling off. After waking in the morning you remove the patches from your feet and what is left in the packaging should be toxins that are excreted from your body while you’re asleep need to dispose of these quickly and wipe the bottom of your feet with wet wipes.

Reccomendation and rating:

I would recommend this product if you want to try out new or weird products, these have been going around online for long period of time lately I would recommend things as they don’t have many ingredients and I mainly naturally derived which insures no toxins are being put back into your body. I would rate this product 7/10.

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