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Calendula multipurpose cream

About the brand:

This product is carefully prepared using pure extract from the Marygold plant which is famous for is multi purpose skin conditioning properties. It can be used to hydrant and moisturise dry, rough, flaky or chapped skin. this cream is ideal for everyday use to protect your skin all year round especially in winter. This product is free from artificial colours, fragrances, parabens,PEGs, lanolin, silicones and mineral oils.


The packaging is simplistic and basic with a slightly floral design with the lovely marigold flower on the front. On the box it describes what the brand is, how the product is used, the ingredients and how much is in the tube.


The packaging is a sleek metal tube with a plastic cap. The product itself is a pale thick creamy white consistency. This semi thick cream is light on the skin and absorbs quickly this has more of a herbal/floral scent.

Application and results:

This semi thick cream applyed easily onto the skin. Leaving A thin Layer of lotion on the skin evenly distributed across the skin. This cream absorbs fast into the pores leaving the skin soft and supple. After using this for a few weeks it helped to reduce flakey dry skin and replenish my skin back to normal.

Reccomendation and rating:

I think this product is good and would rate this product 7/10

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