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Ultra vivid Spray tanner by norvell

About the brand:

Norvell are the USA’s leading and award winning tanning brand and are a ground breaking and innovative company in the sunless industry.

Founded in 1983, Norvell Skin Solutions, LLC is owned and operated by three generations of the Norvell Family.

They sell products such as aerosol spray tanners, mitts, tanning moose and exfoliators.


The packaging of this product is beautiful the dark yet pigmented purple matches the black perfectly while the bright silver text on the packaging stands out while still easily read.

The product itself is a dark brown beige misted formula that covers the body and transforms the skins colour pigmentation.

Application and results:

This product comes in a sleek package with suitable colours so if you get this on the bottle it won’t be obvious. This can has a great nozzle to the aerosol is perfect application and never in my experience get clogged.

This is a micro misted aerosol can that covers the whole body for the tanning salon ready body tan. This aerosol gave a streak-less tan.

Product durability:

This product gave me a very deep tan which was nice as I have very pale skin and didn’t start getting patchy at all but gently faded out in about 4 – 6 days and stayed pigmented for 2-3 days then started fading but you can also top this up every couple of days to keep the tan going.

Reccomend and rate:

I would reccomend this to people but I don’t use fake tanner and I liked this so take this with a grain of salt. I would rate this 7/10.

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