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Sence beauty bubble oxygen boost face masks

About the brand:

Sense beauty is a small brand which sells an array of products from face masks, micellar water, shower gels and lotions. They are a passionate brand which is a sister brand/ manufactured by max brands which is a massive company based on self care products.


The packaging of this product is a light ish blue with monochrome details to the box with accents of silver shimmer outlining some text.

This product is a clear shiny gel that evens out on the face and slowly enlarge a into bubbles on the face as the gel starts to mix with the air molecules.


This mask before it bubbles up has a gel like texture to the product. The gel is a thick jelly gel like formula. Once the gel has bubbles up it has the texture of a light weight formula with fluffy micro-bubbles.

Application and results:

This gel applied easily and each sachet you can use twice as there is a lot of product in the sachets if you want to so you can get 6 uses out of this box.

This product once left for the full 15-20 minutes is easily removed and clarify the face leaving it squeaky clean and detoxed.

Reccomend and rate:

I would reccomend this product as it is light and refreshing on the skin and great if you have ache and want to mask, but generally I would say this is more of a novelty mask for sleep overs. I would rate this product 7.5/10.


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