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Arnicare cooling gel

About the brand:

Arnicare is a range of products that are used to help the skin and are sourced from Arnica montana, an alpine plant we source from the Scottish Highlands, which is know as one of the best herbal treatments which has been recognised as the best since 16th centuries. Arnicare’s philosophy is to help treat ailments holistically to ensure health benefits and because of this, the Arnicare products are made with carefully selected ingredients. Other products in the Arnicare range is used for soothing bruises, swellings and sprains.


This product has a unique but simplistically stylish packaging with all details in bold with colourful accents that complement each other such as the green, blue and purple. This gel has a lot of natural products in the gel such as plant extracts to help soothe inflammation of joints so this would be reccomended to athletes and people like myself, who bruise easily. The product itself is a translucent thick glossy gel like product that lays even over the skin leaving a glossy protective barrier surrounding the bruise.


The packaging is a metal durable tube which I like cause it’s not plastic but the metal may break. The gel has a thick consistency and is cooling to the touch. Wen the gel is applied it glides smoothly and evenly over the surface of the skin absorbing slowly into the pores of the body. And with this plant based gel it soothes and hydrated the skin of the bruise to help gently repair the bruising faster.

Application and results:

This product applies easily to the skin and helped reduce my bruises faster than usual as I am clumsy. I would recommend this to people who are clumsy such as myself, or people who do athletics or regular workout as this helps to reduce inflammation in muscles and bruising/swelling of the skin on the body.

Reccomendation and rating:

I would reccomend this product to people who are either easily bruised or people who regularly do workouts as this can not only help sooth the muscle but help visible injury. I would rate this product 7/10.

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