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Spatone liquid iron supplement

About the brand:

Spatone is a liquid iron supplement made with 100% natural iron water. The iron rich water is derived from Snowdonia in north wales at the Trefriw Wells Spa. Spatone is scientifically proven to provide more readily available iron to be absorbed Into the body faster this is from the vitamin C.


This product has an uplifting yet colourful palette to the product drawing you into the product with bold words and text that is strait to the point. Within this colourful box there is 14 apple flavoured sachets.


The supplements are in a metal foil packaging separately for each of the 14 days and sachets they provide.

The products itself is a yellow/green liquid with a texture like apple juice.

Application and results:

These supplements are really good in my opinion as they helped me not be as tired and gave me more energy to do more events and make the most out of my day. On the first day I didn’t notice a difference in how I felt but by day three or four I felt more energy and felt like it was easier to get out of bed even when I felt a little groggy. These supplements claim to be apple flavoured which it did taste like real apple juice except when you swallow the supplement it makes you choke a little as you get a sharp strong taste in the back of ur throat. I personally like this supplement and think they really did work for me but it would depend on your circumstances and personal details.

Reccomendation and rating:

These are a good price for what they do and help with tiredness and a quality product. I would reccomend this product and I would repurchase. I would rate 10/10.

Contact :

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