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Grace and Stella Co black head removal mask

About the brand:

Grace and Stella is a vegan cruelty free brand that allows 100% money back guarantee. This brand was started in 2015. There first product being dr pedicure food exfoliating mask and have expanded into skincare, hair care and even make up.


The packaging is simplistic and very calming feel to the packaging while the box is cute with a perfect matching quote.

The product itself is a jet black thick glossy paste that evens out over the skin.


This product is a thick paste that’s very sticky but evens out over skin leaving a thick smooth yet glossy layer over the face.

Application and results:

This product is applyed after opening your pores by cleansing with warm water to help the paste get all the blackheads. Once dried the product peels off as one, and leaving the skin feeling smooth and supple with visible results and less texture. But also had a very strong scent of mint and tingled on the skin.

Reccomendation and rating:

I love this product and would repurchase I would rate 9/10.

I would 100% reccomend this product!

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