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Faith in nature hand soap and shower gel

About the brand:

Faith in nature is a vegan, cruelty free, natural brand that started in 1970 by Rivka Rose the brand has a wide range of products from haircare, body wash and soaps.


The shower gel packaging is simplistic and sleek while also being vibrant. The packaging shows all important information clearly.

The hand soap is a pretty simplistic bright yellow colour which is refreshing and bold. While also a very informative packaging which is unique.


The shower gel is a deep green glossy gel with a thick but liquid like texture. This shower gel is a light weight formula with perfectly saturated colour.

The hand made soap has a thick shower gel consistency with a very saturated bright sunshine colour. This hand soap is glossy and soft wall a luxury soap.

Application and results:

The shower gel didn’t phone as much as others that I have tried but made my skin super clean and the scent lasted a long time.

The hand soap was a great natural luxury hand soap which foamed nicely and the Scent lasted forever.

Reccomendation and rating:

I would recommend both these products as they are luxurious and last forever. I would rate the shower gel 8/10 and the hand soap 10/10.

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