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Oyat sheet mask collection review

About the brand:

Oyat is an online Taiwanese company that specialises in sheet mask based in Europe. They sell sheet masks with naturally derived ingredients which will pamper the skin. The owners have loved sheet masks for over 15 years and now introducing there favourite Taiwanese sheet masks to the UK.

Kingirls grapefruit macaroon mask:

This was a very cute simple face mask with stickers, bookmark and additional included. The mask was very hydrating and light on the face so it didn’t weigh your face down or shift/slide when moving. This mask mask laid nicely on my face while being easily applied leaving my face hydrated, rejuvenated and nourished. I would rate this mask 8/10.

Naveen hydrating mask:

This mask has a card sheikh protection layer with the mask inside. The mask has a simple yet sleek style which is clean. The mask itself feels like a durable tissue quality with a lot of serum that I added to my neck and chest. This mask applied evenly and hydrated my skin with an amazing hydration boost that leaves my skin glowing with hydration. I would rate this 8/10.

Unitouch cherry blossom sheet mask:

The mask packaging was breathtaking as it was beautiful yet simplistic and to top it off I love cherry blossoms. The mask itself is a double layered mask with a thin durable tissue. This mask laid perfectly on the face and was dripping with essence, after using this mask my face was smooth and supple with hydration. I would rate this mask 10/10.

Naveen firming mask:

This mask had a sheath protection later holding the mask inside. The mask is a simple yet sleek appearance. The mask itself is a folded durable mask that applied smoothly onto the face fitting my face perfectly. This mask left my face formed and hydrated. I would rate this mask 8/10.

Overall thoughts on Oyat:

The people running Oyat are very kind and friendly, while the website is easily used and the masks I tried where amazing and on top they are resonantly priced. I would rate this brand overall 9/10.

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