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Anayah organic shea hair pomade

About the brand:

Anayah naturals have been running for 3 years, they are a small UK family ran business which sells natural products for hair and body. Anayah naturals products range from hair pomade to body butters all hand made by a lovely kind woman.


The packaging is simplistic and sleek with a cute glass packaging, this packaging has a simple but homey label which is a lovely accent to the product the label says “spoon full of love ” which is a really cute and unique way to personalise a product.

While also the product itself has a semi- thick texture with a smooth soft yellow appearance.


The product is a thick oily but a little grainy in texture , once on the hair it leaves a slight weight to the hair but it keeps the hair nourished and sleek.

Application and results:

Usually I apply this hair pomade to my dry hair about an hour before bed and then I leave all the product and the oils to sink into my hair and then in the morning have a shower and wash the product out leaving my hair a silky fly away free and soft.

And the results are breathtaking, there’s visible results of less fly alway hair and a shiny and more glossier coat of hair.

Reccomendation and rating:

I would recommend this product if you want silky soft hair . I would rate this product 6/10 and have already reccomended this to countless friends.

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