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Faith in nature shampoo and conditioner

About the brand:

Faith in nature is a vegan, cruelty free, natural brand that has a wide range of products from haircare, body wash and soaps.


The packaging is a colourful and vibrant, while also informing you of the product clearly. The beautiful background is sleek and sophisticated, suitable for everyone.

The shampoo has a sheer orange/green like colour to it and is glossy and gel-like.

The conditioner has a light grey pigmentation to the product with a matte finish.


The shampoo has a glossy shower gel consistency with a light-weight formula which helps not to weigh down your hair.

The conditioner has a matte, thick consistency which is a heavier formula helping to indulge and calm your scalp.

Application and results: 

These products didn’t foam as much as most but this helped not to get into your eyes. The scent lasted for about 24 – 36 hours even after drying and exercise, but was also very strong scented; this particular scent I didn’t enjoy as I’m not a fan of citrus scents and it was very strong.

Recommendation and rating: 

These are good shampoo and conditioner and the brand is great but this particular scent I wasn’t a fan of. I would rate these products a 6/10 as they are good but I would purchase this specific scent but I would a different scent.

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