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Faith in Nature Feminine Wash vs. Femfresh Feminine wash 

About the brands: 

Faith in Nature is a vegan, cruelty free, natural brand that started in the 1970s by Rivka Rose. The  brand has a wide range of products from Hair Care to Body Wash and Soaps.

Femfresh is a relatively new brand which purely focuses on feminine hygiene. If you are looking for something which is cruelty-free and vegan accredited – this isn’t the product for you.


The Faith in Nature product had a thick gel-like consistency. It lathered well – not too foamy at all – perfect for this specific area of your body.

The Femfresh product had less of a thick consistency than Faith in Nature, but more product was required – and it foamed quite a lot.

I couldn’t decide which one I preferred, I think it comes down to how you like your product to look and feel.

Application and results: 

The Faith and Nature product had a light Aloe Vera scent with a slight floral note. The product was lightweight refreshing and didn’t irritate at all.

The Femfresh intimate  wash in comparison smelled  strong for a product which is being used in a sensitive area. However it was also a lightweight product which did not irritate.

Overall I would say it depends a lot on how strong you like the scent to be. I personally prefer a light scent in such a sensitive area, and Faith in Nature has got this spot on, coupled with it being great for my skin.

Recommendation and rating: 

Overall I would say that Faith in Nature suited me much better and I would rate this 8/10. I also like that they are Vegan, and Cruelty-Free and try to be as natural as possible!

I would give the Femfresh a 6/10.

Links to the products: 

Faith in nature –

Femfresh –

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