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Age stop Switzerland lift:firm

About the brand:

Age stop products are clinically proven and rigorously tested to deliver good results. They have made multifunctional products to reduce visible ageing. Age stop are a plant stem cell based product free from parabens, mineral oils, artificial colours, fragrances and animal testing.


The product is a 10mls sample, so the bottle is travel size as its generous. The plastic looks and feels sleek and the label is a quality printed sticker.

The product inside is a shimmery purple colour but looks glossy and its like serum as the product is liquidly but still creamy and absorbing into the skin.

This product leaves an amazing shine and highlight to the skin.


The serum has a liquid like viscosity but this is very useful for being a serum as being too thick is bad for the skin and may clog up the pores. The purple serum is silky soft and indulgent to the skin. While laying smooth on the skin.

Application and results:

The serum lays smoothly on the skin and absorbs fast and penetrates the pores and tissues. The serum smoothed evenly onto the skin leaving in fresh sweet neutral scent. I love this it’s good to use under make up to help lift, firm and brighten your face after a sleepless night while the colour is divine.

Reccomendation and rating:

From the amazing customer services, quick replies and quality products I would rate this 10/10. Holy grail product alert!!

Age stops website:

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