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Cuderm gel wash and cream

Cuderm gel wash and cuderm cream

About the brand:

Cuderm is a new store to the Eczema market with cruelty free, fragrance free, colour free products that also are vegan with the main ingredient colloidal oatmeal.


The gel wash packaging is a beautiful aqua colour with clear bold writing, while the gel was clear and thick and shiny.

The cream has a white matt appearance to the packaging and the unique aqua blue writing and details give a neutral, sophisticated affect. The cream is a divine white almost Ivory colour.


The Gel wash has a squishy, soft, jelly like texture to the gel which has a silky, sleek appearance.

The cream is so silky, smooth, thick indulgent cream with a full voluptuous creamy apearance.

Application and results:

When I tried the body wash it lathered very nicely and quickly leaving a thick foam that was very super soft and worked amazing for my eczema. This is also unscented. I would rate this a 9/10

The cream is thick and soft absorbing quickly and leaving the skin soft, rejuvenated and firmed. After a while of using this it hydrated my skin and got rid of my Eczema. This is also unscented. I would rate this 10/10

Reccomendation and rating:

Both the cream and the gel helped my sensitive and eczema skin feel hydrated an nourished. I would recommend both these products they are fairly priced and are very good for sensitive skin. Over all I would rate both products a 10/10.

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