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Wedding mates

About the brand :

Wedding mates aims are to help women feel comfortable while still being glam, there products help with pain caused from heels and aim to resolve this issue.

They have also just launched gift boxes for someone who loves heels but can’t handle the pain. Wedding mates also offer a solution when heels need to go and you need flats. I have been to a lot of weddings and wish to bring other shoes and end up walking in bare feet, flip flops are good but then you wouldn’t be as glam for watching with your outfit. They also have a solution when you wear heels on the grass and sink and ruin 50+ pound heels, the heel protectors are used to protect against grass mud and gravel. Also venues now will only let people in if there heels have protectors as they mark the floor, so they are worth the money.

Roll up shoes :

(I’m wear a size M which fit my size 5 feet perfectly)

These roll up shoes come in the colours black and silver. The faux leather appearance gives a glistening appearance with a perfectly symmetrical bow for those perfectionists. The comfortable, plushy, bouncy soles to the shoes gives the comfortableness of a trainer but the glam appearance of a star. These shoes are ultimate comfort and I’m happy I have these in my shoes collection, I just wished they did these in more colours for different outfits. I would rate this product a 10/10

Heel protectors :

These thick plastic heels provides a perfect fit to high heels and they are not noticeable as the translucent heel protectors you can see when on ( I had a hard time showing them as you can’t see them much when they are on 😂) these also help when going across the grass. The heel protectors are light,easy to put on while they have very cute unique packaging. I would rate these 9/10.

Jelly insoles :

(This picture shows jelly heel spots, jelly heel insoles and jelly heel strips)

I was very withdrawn when I saw these as jelly insoles don’t tend to work with me or they move and start to hurt more.

But these surprised me as these jelly insoles are bouncy but dense enough to help your feet and when they are put in place they do not move I tried everything and they don’t. I’m so amazed to have these they are a life saver especially when I have a wedding coming up.i would rate these 7/10.

Heel bunion protectors :

( in this photo I’m wearing a small set )

The material is very comfy but retains shape while fitting perfectly on the foot, they also have the feel and fit of work out leggings as they fit amazingly and are sweat wicking while still being breathable. While the cushion inside fits perfect and gives a seamless fit to them But still looks perfect and doesn’t move at all. I would rate these a 8/10 . They saved my life .

Reccomendation and rating :

I would recommend this product as they are quality products but they don’t have the expensive price tag for them. They also email back from any enquiries within 48 hours and are very kind an friendly. I would rates all these products over all a 9/10.

Discount code – blog18

if you would like to have some email – for enquiries or for products and she will help.

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